[Solved] How to keep score in a quiz

Hey everyone.
So i´m making a quiz app and at the end of the quiz i want to count how many correct answers the player did. Can somebody help me please?

You would create a variable to store the number of correct answers and then each time a correct answer is chosen, you would increase the value of the variable by one.

Are you using Thunkable X or the older Thunkable Classic?

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If user input equals correct response
Set score as score plus 1

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@ines.v.dias2nya are you making this in Thunkable X (x.thunkable.com)?

If yes,

And the score will be a local_storage value, or a stored variable :+1:

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Thank you so much but can you tell me where i can find those controls?Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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I think this is the thunkable x

Hi, @ines.v.dias2nya! :wave:

Here you can find the variables -

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Thank you so much

I really can´t figure out how to make it work.would you mind making the code so i can copy it?i would appreciate that :smiley:

Hi @ines.v.dias2nya, please see the following tutorial. An example of how to count stuff


If you’re having trouble, post a screenshot of what you’ve tried and we can help you troubleshoot it.

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ok so basically i´m trying to count how many times sound1 plays because sound 1 is the corrct answer. And until now i´ve done this


That looks right to me. I don’t have experience with the Sound • on source loaded block but if it fires then it should increase the value of stored.Counter by 1.

the thing is that it´s not working.Maybe it´s because i put those blocks on the last screen instead of puting it on the beginning?Any idea of how i can do it ?
Basically i think the block are counting the number of times sound on plays on SCREEN 12 which means that it doesnt count the pevious screens where the sound played.And thats what i want but im not able to do it. Any thoughts?

I think that’s probably the problem, yes. Try a test with all blocks on one screen to see if that works.

if you provide a screenshot of all the blocks we could help further. there may be a more efficient way to track points without the need to change screens.

did @tatiang’s suggestions help you @ines.v.dias2nya?

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I think the stored variable will stay forever, won’t it?

The user will take quiz every-time he opens the app / or one time?

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I have moved this post to a more appropriate location as your blocks, @ines.v.dias2nya, are from Thunkable X.

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I really dont know but I will send the screenshots right now.I hope you guys can help me

Ok i have 12 screens. In the first one i have a when button click navigate to screen 2.That is where the quiz starts and then in the next 10 screens i have these blocks