[Solved] How to get Date?

Is there any way to get the date with Thunkable ios ?

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i havent withdrawn the post

Frankly we need clock and calendar/date support in Thunkable for iOS. It is difficult to develop any data collection and processing application without this.

As a temporary work-around you could use the Web API component to get date/time from a server for time stamping data.
I know it’s not the same as a native component, but if this is holding back your development then at least you can keep moving you project forward.

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I had the same idea but rejected it since it would require an active data connection. I could make a workaround when no coverage was available in the app but then I might as well avoid using the date anyhow,

But for some apps it might work fine.


Yeah that was the problem ;D

Excuse me. Can you give an example of how to do it?
Thank you very much!

Hello! Where is this block?

how to search a specific data from the spreadsheet and display the list of the row in that name in a listview.

First, all the data from the AirTable can be obtained in the list, and then search fields in this list. Or you can use Spreadsheet blocks to get only the data you need.

Hi there,
@Marggx,now you can get the date using Date picker.