[Solved] How to do a youtube search

I want to to get a youtube video in my app.
The problem is that i want to search youtube first then get a video result in my app.
I think that can be done with a web api, also i do not have any idea.

Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this ?

Please Reply,

I’m not sure if this can be done - have you taken a look at the YouTube API yet @tobi?

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Yes but can not understand properly.

Have you completed the API tutorial series on YouTube?

That’s a good idea, I will try that.

Hey @tobi,

I just finished up a YouTube API series that has exactly what you are looking for.

You can watch it here, and here are the API docs I used:


Thanks Darren!
I was one of who were waiting for this premiere!

Hey @Darren I’m pretty new to thunkable and just finished watching your API series.
Is it possible to search youTube for a single video so that you can retrieve its associated properties, descriptions, thumbnails etc. Without digging into the API from the channel starting point?
e.g. Searching for a specific video rather than a general or channel level??