How to get search results from google

Hey guys! This is my first community post and I’ve already made a few Thunkable apps that I plan on sharing after they’re pushed to apple and google play. This is a great platform and was honestly one of the best / easiest ways to learn to code. I’ve been making apps for about 3 weeks now, and I’m at the point where I’m not able to find a few answers that I’m looking for. That being said, I was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible in Thunkable to get a text from a top search result from google, bring the data back to the app in a variable, and do what I want with it. I’ve been looking into web API’s etc, and I am currently learning about JSON and how it works. I didnt know if there were search engine API’s I could use to get the data that I need and bring it into the app. Then after I do that I need to seperate the words into a variable list of text (strings). This is a huge question and I’m not expecting to get a specific answer but in general I’m just wondering if something like this is possible in Thunkable, or if I would have to switch platforms to Android Studio to be able to achieve this result. Thanks to any replies in advance.

Hey @foltzllc, this is possible, and not so complicated if you have a little experience with JSON. You can use Google Custom Search API. It’s easy to use(I’ve used it). You can first get started by getting your API key from here. In case you face any trouble, you can always post on the Community.


Hey thanks for the reply! I was doing a little more digging. I actually want to make an AI version of myself that will be around after I am dead. My original plan was to use google search API, get the top search text answers, convert it to a list of strings, then have a series MP4 video that correlates with every word in perfect order. I just found out about the assistant option in thinkable. I wonder if I can get response from the diagflow assistant converted into text somehow and use it to achieve what I want.

IDK if I am wrong
try this for searching the web

u can modify it further
just gave an example
ill tell u the code for more words if u say that i am right else follows @codeswept 's way

@eko.devs.apploro the WEB-VIEWER does not support Google. That’s why nothing create dby Google can be displayed in a web-viewer.

ohh ok
well y?
so it supports yahoo or bing?

I’m not sure- I’ve never really tried using either.

ok i will try to do with other browsers and try and notify u