[Solved] How to change capitalization of input text. UPPER CASE. lower case. Title Case

Hello Guys,
I want to know that is that any way from which I can ignore Uppercase (A) and Lower case (a) being different from each other. When I store data in database and if 1st letter is capital and if again when storing data with 1st letter small the same name with different cases stored again.
Please help me in telling how to fix this issue.

One way to defeat this is to store all info no matter what as uppercase using the uppercase text method.
this way, no matter what a user enters, all text is saved and referenced as uppercase thereby removing the issue of case sensitivity.

there has to be a better workaround though.

maybe the developers could come up with an anycase method for working with text?
What do you guys think? @paulmw @Steven

I could add this to the Github. I have wondered about this myself in the past.

Is their any option when anything typed in textbox will automatically converted in Uppercase or lowercase

(i have modified the title to reflect the content of the post)

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Thanks bro

@jared I have One more doubt can you please clear it?

i can try.

  1. These are blocks for thunkable classic. You are posting in the Thunkable X forum.

  2. You should really consider switching over to #thunkable-cross as classic is shutting down in weeks.

  3. I am unfamiliar with thinkable classic.

  4. Your last post is entirely different than the original question. Propper etiquette would be to repost this question in the correct forum area. New/Different questions deserve new forum posts.

Ok bro I will post this to thunkable classic forum But can you tell me from where to learn Thunkable X very well?

You will learn Thunkable X by completing all of the courses and following the tutorials on the ThunkableX Youtube Channel

Ok thanks a lot for your help . You are really a very Helpful person . Keep smiling and keep helping :blush:

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I had more questions than you when I started! I really just studied and studied! You can be a great Thunker, just keep working at it! In 6-months, you will be a pro!

Remember, it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything. Try to remember that when learning to use thunkable. Maybe it only takes 1000 hours to become an expert, but you still have to put in the time, troubleshooting, and studying of how to program.

Yes well wisher you are true …Nothing is impossible…I will try my best and will become a Pro :blush: :blush:
Thanks for your instruction