How to change text input to all uppercase

Hello, I was doing a project where a user types in a word, and the app sign language finger spells it with an animation of the action but realized it wont show the animation/picture when the user inputs a lowercase word/letter. It will only work if the user input is in all capital letters. What can I do for it to work no matter if the user inputs an uppercase or lowercase input?

this is what my project currently looks like:

the pictures/animations are named in uppercase (sign language animation for letter A is “A.png” , B is “B.png” , etc.)

Thank you…

You can use the block listed under Set Case to change the text string to all UPPERCASE. Google text Thinkable to find the documentation.

i tried this to make it all UPPERCASE but i also made it so that it would say each letter but i found that when a user inputs a word, the speech says "CAPITAL letter " instead of just using the letter.

If that is happening then say the letter before you change it to Title Case. Or change the case back to lowercase as part of the say block.