[Solved] How does the "Open link" block work?

I press a button and it was supposed to open a link in safari like it used to but now it doesn’t I keep pressing button but nothing happens

Can you share a screenshot please and let us know the exact steps to reproduce this behaviour.

Hi, @farhanlatif027i3df! :wave:

This way, you can check if an error is occurring or not -


Thanks! :blush:

Is links opening for you kartik ?

@farhanlatif027i3df can you please provide an answer to my question above please?

You have been a member here now for quite some time and you are well aware the a post like “link blocks not working” is not sufficient for us to diagnose and troubleshoot what’s going on.


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I’m very sorry for not getting back to you sooner I got distracted with school work

I’m using iPhone 6s Plus on IOS 13.3

Steps to reproduce would be

Components required = 1

  1. button I’m using button text for link and button background for an image

Set button text to any link such such as fb.com

Blocks I used :-
When button pressed open link = get text from button

What it should do? It’s supposed to open link in default phone browser

What does it do? It does nothing I keep pressing button but the browser never opens

but fb.com is not a valid link for this.

You should use something like parallel lists where you have the names or icons that you want to display on the button and then a separate list with the full (https://) urls for the links that you want to open.

Also, are you using the Any Component blocks for this? How many sites are you trying to link to?

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Fb.com was just a random link from top of my head

In actual I’m using amazon product page link so it does include https. I have used link component before and it would open browser with whatever I put in the open link website area but now it doesn’t work no more

It would be really helpful for us if you have give us the exact steps to follow to reproduce this error @farhanlatif027i3df, otherwise if we don’t have the full story we will be making suggestions that aren’t relevant to you or your specific project.

Can you create a MWE and share it with us so we can look into it further. Thanks.

I just created a mini project and I know exactly what’s wrong

If you use open link block and type whatever site even excluding https in the pink section

It opens as it is even if it’s a wrong link

But if you replace pink website area with any other blocks such as button or label block it does not open the browser

Hope this makes your work much easier :slight_smile:

Would you also mind editing your previous post to include a screenshot of Button5, and it’s text property?


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Button 5 text was first Pokemon.com

But just now I replaced it with https://www.pokemon.com/us/

And it opened

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So, I think you understood it - open link block requires https://www..

Thanks! :blush: