[Solved] How do I find out about the billing status of my account?

Hi there,

I’ve been a paid customer since January 2019. (not an active one :slight_smile: ) I had billing issues back 2021 where I made the payment using Paypal.
I tried to login to my account since I have an idea to test but realised my account haven’t been renewed for 2022. I checked my emails and haven’t seen payment request emails from Thunkable. I believe this is related to that the last payment in 2021 had been done via Paypal.

Could someone please contact me so I can make the payment and hopefully not experience the same issue in the future so I get charged automatically every year.

Hi @kaan :wave:

Not sure why that’s happening. If you’re having billing issues, please email billing@thunkable.com.

Thank you Jared. I emailed the billing department.