[Solved] How can we delete function type variables no longer in use?


Can anyone advise on how to delete function type variables. These have begun to clog up my Sandbox app (samples/examples) and my main project which has had many iterations in which i have created a bunch of different functions, some of which are no longer in use but they leave behind their variables in the variable list.

Can i delete these?

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Which function variables do you mean? I thought they fixed the bug that variables no longer showed in the list once deleted.

mine are showing… idk. i’ll check again

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Hi @jared, same thing here. I already checked it and the answer is no… unused variables are not cleared. Let’s see if anyone can tell us how.

We keep in touch. Thanks!

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Hey @jared I know how to do that…


I suppose that works. Ideally, these get deleted when the function gets deleted. But this is a known bug. Ideally function variable would stay locally scoped and be deleted when you delete the function.

Thank you though!! I will do this… tedious task :wink:

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Is this available for PRO only? I cant see the delete option on my screen somehow

No. I´m PRO and I don´t have this option to delete old variables. I´m having the same problem.

@caminostudio I checked this recently and was able to see the Delete option.

Can you share a screenshot please?

No delete option here either.

In my app/project. there are 11 “ghost variables”. These variables are not variables associated with a function, and they don´t have a “initialize variable block” associated. I can’t find a option to delete these these 11 “ghost” variables.

I copied my app/project and deleted all components and blocks. But the “ghost” variables are still there. Take a look….


I tried, but I couldn’t replicate the bug. But I believe it is associated with “copy and paste” a “initialize variable block” from one screen to other (I made this mistake in the beginning, and the variables became “crazy”). This bug also could be be associated with “Copy from My Screens” because some of these “ghost” variables are written in “portuguese language” and I’m not using Portuguese in my principal app, but I tested copy screens from another app/project that had variables in Portuguese and English.

How can I delete these “ghost variables” from my project/app?

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Thanks for sharing this useful information. Now I can clean my projects too.

But I just checked now and cannot see the delete option.

Post deleted.

I was actually looking for this delete option before I read this thread but it dissapeared on me. I though I must have been mistaken and that it never actually existed. :slightly_smiling_face:

A few days ago the option to delete variable appeared but now that I need it, it is not there.

Sorry I am replying to a solved conversation, but it ain’t solved for me
Here is the screenshot

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I still don’t see the delete option. It’s an old thread but can you help?

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Please note that there are two types of variables in the variable list.

  • Variables created using the initialize block. These are deleted by deleting the Initialize block from the blocks screen.
  • Variables created using loops or functions. These will show in the Variable drawer with a name only not proceeded by variable type

In this image the variable myInput is a variable created by a loop block or a function block and can be deleted by the following:

  • Select the variable from the Variables drawer and place it in the blocks screen.
  • click on it using the left mouse button. You will get a popup menu with the last option to delete the variable.
  • image
  • Select the delete option to remove the variable from your app project.

Hope this will make it clearer.

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I created the variables with Initialize blocks.
But I deleted the screens where I created the variables.
I guess there is no way to delete variables in this case :confused:

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