So deleting variables that no longer exist

So this problem has been marked as solved and it looks like it has reappeared again.

My project as an example:

Essentially, when I look at my variables, it appears that old variables do NOT get deleted. In fact in my pull down ‘select the variable name’ in the variable block, I have a new AND an old variable that share the same name. I believe my code is getting confused (I know I am) and sometimes looks at the old variable. There is no ‘delete’ on the pull-down that seems to have existed in the past, though that seems to be an ugly fix. Another weird feature: variables that don’t have the create block still exist and can be used.

Seems like there should be a ‘garbage collection’ function that runs every time it saves. Easy for me to say, I don’t have to write/debug/maintain the code.

This was marked as solved and explains the problem: [Solved] How can we delete function type variables no longer in use?

PS: To the developers: Thanks for all the hard work. We only complain because we see how good this product can be. Thanks again!


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