[Solved] How can users delete their accounts using FirebaseAuthentication?

I’m hoping to give users the option to delete their own account but this seems difficult as it isn’t one of the preset options on the firebase signin blocks. I may have to just have a ‘request account deletion’ otherwise?

you’ll have to use the firebase API there is the option … read firebase documentation API


Do you have a working solution here?

Well, I found the way of doing that. First you will get the idToken off the account by signing in again but using the REST API following this documentation: Firebase Auth REST API

After that you can have an easy POST request and the account is deleted: Firebase Auth REST API

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Hi skulamester, would you have a practical example? the new apple rules require the user to be able to delete their own firebase user. Rule of 30 June 2022. Without this the app is blocked. Thank you

Hey @Coes_Italia !

You can use this block to delete the currently signed in user


Thanks so much, I hadn’t seen the block.