Remove Firebase Account from app

Hi everyone,
I would like to add in my app a feature that allows the user to eliminate its own account from firebase.

I read in a post that this should be possible with the APIs but I can’t understand how.

Is there anyone that know how to do it or that can link me the right post ?

Thank you so much!!

Hi @wikilinks.infooleua0 - do you have a lot of users at the moment?

Just wondering if this is really a feature you want to invest time in automating if it’s not going to be used several times a day?


no at the moment i don’t have many users (but i hope to have this problem as soon as possible =))

I just wanted to add this feature for the sake of completeness (and to erase all the accounts i create during the test phase)

Will it be a complex process to do it ?

Thanks for your time