[Solved] How can I show all label

I have problem to show all label in the scereen. If you see in my screenshot you’ll see the label not show all… How to solve this problem?. Thank you!.! (I have project to make information about C Language in version Thai)

If you give a link to your project, then I’ll see it. If you do not want to give a link, I can recommend only one thing - to investigate the problem using different component settings.

What is the name of the problem screen?

C5 Sir.

C5 - right?

Yes sir.

I checked the screen in Bluestackes 4 and Android 8.1. and did not see the problem.

But I do not see pictures in your image. Your device does not show pictures?

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Aww… I see on my phone… I do not check on BlueStack… So, Thank you so much! And sorry for waste you time. ;w;



@ahatsuki.zaza.31ppi If your problem is solved, please mark @actech’s appropriate post as

Solution :white_check_mark:


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Oh! I forget it! But now I mark finished. Thank you for remind me sir. ^^;

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