[Solved] How can I retrieve a URL from Firebase for use in an image?

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One quesiton, its posible to charge the imagens into the app from a realtime data base?

If it´s possible, how can i built? I have ready with the realtime data base and the app.

Before hand, thank you for your time and support.

Sure. Just set the background picture to the image’s url using the Get Value block in the Data Source drawer.

If you need more help, post a screenshot of what you have tried.

Hello, thank you for your quick response

The target is make an app with imagens that in the future can i change or refresh with others, without a new version app (with a realtime data base).

i have this

I have a file name and the Url. what blocks should i select?

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Sorry, I mentioned the Get Value block but for Firebase you’ll need to use cloud variables.

At the bottom of the Variables drawer is a block that you can use to get a cloud variable (it will first show “app” variable) from a firebase path.

So you’ll set background picture to cloud variable "a1/logo"

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Thank you so much, this works!

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