[Solved] how Can i publish with a keystore from a different platform


Even though this topic is covered (uploading keystores), but i couldn’t find a similar case to mine in the community.

I have an already published app which I created in another platform

I rebuilt my app on thunkable, and now I’m trying to import the keystore into my thunkable project in order to updade my old app in the google play store. The problem is that thunkable only allows me to upload the key and specify the password, but not the “Alias”.

Due to that, when I try to publish the following error is shown by thunkable UI:

Command failed: java -jar /thunkable/backend/mis/pepk.jar --keystore=/tmp/android.keystore --keystore-pass=##### --key-pass=###### --alias=AndroidKey --output=/tmp/output.zip --include-cert

Thunkable is still using its own Alias, and I have no way to change it. Can someone let me know if there’s a solution to this?


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Hi Jared not sure who to tag, but can you help me by tagging someone who can address this issue?

That is a feature that is currently on our radar. If we are able to implement it in the future, we will keep you in the loop.

For any users who have the same issue, please note since this feature is not available in thunkable, the way to solve this issue is to contact google play store support and inform them of the issue, and they’ll give you instructions on how to reset your keystore and be able to use a new and different key


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