[SOLVED ]How can I make charts in both iOS and Android apps?


For last few weeks I am facing issues with the web viewer in iOS. for android it is working fine
Basically it is not opening the charts in created in html etc;

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How are you creating the chart data?

Is it in an HTML file or you are parsing it as “data:text/html” string?

a data:text/html string

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This has never worked in iOS. Not now, not previously.


So is there any other option to create charts that are compatible in both IOS and Android?

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You can instead create the chart using quickchart!


You can use custom JavaScript to create the chart in an html file. Load the file into assets. And then load that asset as the url for the web viewer.

Which sounds more appealing?

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The Java script one looks impressive

Why do you use a Web Viewer to show a chart?

Why not use the image component directly?

See this post

@jared HTML as asset in the project does not work in the mobile. I just tested this moment.

Thanks for pointing that out. I know that we’ve been working on that and we’re close to releasing affects. I thought that it was released but it must not be yet.

In any case, the exact same solution of using an HTML file would work if you host it in a public spot. For example Firebase hosting, GitHub pages, or any other HTML page provider.

We’re hoping to see the HTML as an asset working very soon

Here is a video, to help get your charts into your app using the image component. . I’m working on creating a higher fidelity, more clear explainer video this week.

^^^ video will be updated soon. It’s not the greatest tutorial. Not bad. But not the greatest. :rofl:

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