[Solved] How can i create a Video demo of my app for IOS publishing?

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I trying to publish an app in IOS and i need to make a video demo.

How can i past the app to IOS dispositive? or how can i make a video with a physical iOS device?

I saw that the thunkable is not available to download IOS for the moment, only publish.

I share the message from Apple:

Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

We’re looking forward to completing our review of your app. Before we can continue, we need a video that demonstrates the current version, 3.0, in use on a physical iOS device.

Specifically, we need a demo video that shows audible content when the app is running in the background.

Keep these requirements in mind as you make your demo video:

  • Only use footage of your app running on a physical iOS device, not on a simulator.
  • Make sure the video clearly documents all relevant app features, services, and user permission requests.
  • You can use a screen recorder to capture footage of your app in use.

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You can download an screen recorder and then through either Thunkable live or TestFlight you can make a recording.

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You can Live Test the project in Thunkable Live and then use the built-in screen recorder: