[Solved] Hide password in Thunkable?


This bug has been known for a long time.

I noticed there was no GitHub entry, so I added one.

@thecodingmasterabeer my understanding was that this was only on web apps - are you installing your app on an Android or an iOS device?


I had tested my app as a responsive web app, it still didn’t work. I have not tested this app on any other device yet, but I am about to test this app on my Android device, as I don’t have any iOS device as of now.
Thanks for asking!

As explained earlier the [hide text] feature does not work on the web and this is a known bug.

However, I created a work around for it which you can see in this Web Login Example with ** in password field

You can use the same technique to hide the text in the Web App.

Happy Thunking :grin:

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In Thunkable Regular, you can scroll all the way down (Advanced Tab) and click “Secure Text Entry”. This allows you to show your text in dots when you type. :ok_hand:t5:

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Try not using any keys (API or something)

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