[Solved] Finding and Deleting Airtable Rows

For my app, I am trying to find the most recent row in Airtable that contains the text “N/A,” and delete that entire row. Could you please help me fix my code?

Hi @bobsunscreen, I think your issue is that you got all the rows which may contain values like “1, 2, N/A” and “3, 4, 5” (lists within lists), so you would be searching for text within a bunch of lists with doesn’t work. You should GetColumn so that it gives back individual values.

Sorry if that was a bad explanation but I hope it helps :slight_smile:

That makes sense, thank you! I adjusted the code to GetColumn, but for some reason it still isn’t working. Any other ideas?

Hmm, what exactly do you mean by it not working? Is it not deleting? Try setting a random label to the in list rows find last occurrence of item "N/A and see what value it returns.

Also, the AirTable deleterow block says rowObject, but based on your code it would be a number, so use the block DeleteRowNumber instead. I think that may be the problem

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It’s now working - the problem was that I didn’t use DeleteRowNumber block. Thank you so much for your help! :smiley: