[Solved] Fill list of buttons with images

Hi, I am working on a small memory game for children. The idea: 20 Buttons on a screen. Every button filled with a background picture.
In the blocks: Fill all 20 buttons with a picture from a list of images that are downloaded. There are always two identical, as in a memory game.
For test reason i check to display the name of the picture of the button that is pressed.
What is to see: The first 14 buttons give back the correct text. But none of the buttons displays the correct picture.

Idea for further development: shuffle the list of images. Attach them on buttons, hide buttons and let the user press two buttons to to check, whether it is a pair of equal images.


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It might surprise you to see the index numbers for each button:

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.14.11 AM


I believe the index # for a button is determined by when it was placed onto the screen in the Design tab.


Great @tatiang !!
I generated a new project, created the 20 buttons one after the other new. Now the buttons are numbered from 1 to 20.
That was the solution. Now its works!

Thank You!



Awesome work you guys!! Nice suggestion @tatiang, they do index weird sometimes if they get moved around or get put in out of order.

Now it works better, even with shuffled list of pictures after start.


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Great work! This is a cool idea!

It works as a memory game: