[Solved] Embed map doesn't work on mobile

Hi, Thunkers! I have some problems with my google maps api. I’m using direction services and while testing my app on ios it completely crashes, whem I’m trying to open the map.But on the live test it works fine (also big innacuracies but whatever)

Hi @zara.zhotabayeva53, you are trying to force the webwiewer to translate raw HTML/javascript on iOS into a viewable page. At this time, that is not possible. You could host this page on a website, though, and pass your info into the page via a HTTPS GET/POST.

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Thanks for your help! But what if i want to display the web site, but get post methods are only for web api, not web viewer? @jared

Check again, the webviewer fuuet got a new block to send post info!