Webview with google maps link

I have a little project:

It’s a simple webview whith 2 links to google maps (IOS and Android).
Works perfectly in Thunkable Live, oppening opening maps in a window.
But this DOES NOT WORK when I transform into App.
Can someone help me?

Hello there, @gbox! :wave:

I explored your project, & found 2 tiny bugs…

Try Now : here :smile:

Hope it helps! :wink:

Hi. Thx. But I need to have the 1s page available to read, and open maps just when I click that button. Thanks in advance.

Hi @gbox :wave:

Can you clarify a bit what you mean by “does not work”? Is this for Android, iOS or both? Do you mean it doesn’t open at all or that it doesn’t open in a separate app?


Everything works fine on Thunkable Live. But it does not work when turned into App. Both. Android and IOS
This is the link to Android Apk

Anyone? Please…

Hi @gbox

It’s really helpful for us if you can share a screenshot of your blocks in your first post.

One thing I noticed is that you have a duplicate ‘opens’ event.

Additionally, you don’t have any test in either of your If blocks.

Finally, the geo:// URL isn’t properly formatted.


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That’s it. I don’t know what to do.
Those blocks are there because I’m trying alone.
Originally there was no blocks.

and as I said at the begining, It’s a simple webview whith (2) links to google maps (IOS and Android). Both works fine in Live Preview in each case. But do not works when I renderize the APP.
Thx in advance.