[Solved] Display an alert when there is no internet connection

How to display an alert when there is no internet connection?
please help me!:sweat:


I think this might work. try it out!


Very good thank you

The device is online? block doesn’t check for a connection though, just if it is connected to WiFi, which in 99.99% of cases has internet.

problem rusolved


THen the solution is to check any website with api. probably google. if you get an error, then fire the alert?

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I believe this is the only option, but if your app uses Firebase etc you could have a button set to display after 10 seconds of loading, with the message “check server status” then link to Firebase/Airtable/etc’s server status page.

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Website With Api?
how to do ?

You could just call a get in Firebase with the tag set to “/”, and if error then no connection. You would call this function every 5 or 7 seconds., or just on startup