[Solved] Data viewer crashes app when refreshed [Aug 2022]

Today my app suddenly stopped working on both web preview testing and the thunkable live app. When investigating I found that the data viewer is now crashing the app whenever it is refreshed. I’ve tested this on a new project with just a data viewer and a refresh button and it crashes instantly.

Can you share a link to the project?


This is not my original project but this is the test project I tried and it still didn’t work on my computer.

Hey there

I wonder, have you done any debugging?



Yes, I figured out it was the data viewer and to test that I created a test file that I linked up above. It still does not work. The test file only has a data viewer and one button and still crashes. If that test project above works for you then I’m out of ideas. I even cleared the cache on my browser.

Can you share a different minimal example. I am unable to open the project you shared.

Could you also share a screenshot of the offending blocks that when you run are crashing the app? Are you by chance adding any null values into the table?


Can you test this block setup and please make sure you’re on the latest version of the companion app?

If you notice I just rearranged how your blocks were set and I removed the wait blocks

It still crashes. It’s the oddest thing, this morning all of my pages looked blank then that got fixed and now this problem. I have restarted my computer, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the mobile app, and I have signed out and signed back in and I still can’t figure this out. So that test project worked for you?

Edit: I even installed chrome to see if it worked on a different browser. I’m running Windows 11

What device are you running Thunkable Live on at the moment? What Os and version number?

iPhone X, version 15.6
Windows 11 with all the latest updates

Can you make sure you’re on the latest version of the companion app ?

(Attachment Video.mov is missing)

I’m on version 327 on the mobile app

I encounter the same issue. I debugged my app and can confirm that when the refresh block is included my App crashes - if I delete it my App works fine.

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@jared I can confirm that the project crashes when previewed in Thunkable Live (version 327 on an iPhone 11) with or without the wait blocks, for example:

Replacing the Screen1 Starts event with a button click event also crashes the project when clicking the button.


Hi All

I have a similar issue, the app works with the Data Viewer refresh call in the Live Test App but crashes when the app is tested on TestFlight (on iOS); resulting in a blank white screen

Previous versions of the app, uploaded before 11/8/2022; worked properly.
I have also removed the refresh block from a new build on TestFlight and the app works correctly now; indicating there is some error in the refresh call in the backend/object code. Something to look into?

Kind regards

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Hi everyone - I am experiencing this same issue with my app; earlier I thought my DVL had corrupted or something, so I tried replacing it with a new DVL - but the issue is still there.

Device - Galaxy A50
Mode - Thunkable Live (v327-1)

The app just crashes, and shows this -

This is a relatively new bug, I can assure this wasn’t there until last week I think…
@jared please look into this :slight_smile:

I have same issue. Last week it was not.

Hi Team

Same issue here…my app stopped to work 3-4 days ago as far as I can tell

Any idea on how to fix? It sound to me like a product bug but let’s see what product management tells us

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Is there any solution yet?
I tried lots of combination.
If i created new page and add same blocks they are working but it was really hard.
It must to be easy solution.
I also tried to delete blocks not working same issue for some pages.