[Solved] Copying blocks and screens in X

Have you tried using the new Duplicate button in the designer @vossempire?

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Love the duplicate button, Dom. Next - how about adding it for a full screen?

It’s on the way @Lin :star_struck:


This does work for blocks, but not screens or components.

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Hi Domhnall, I did find the duplicate button to use on buttons and everything else… except the sheets. Glad to know that is coming soon.

Is the ctrlc/v can copy the blocks in the same apps or different apps.

It’s just within the same app for now @wexspaceb6vzbn

Do you have many blocks to copy?
What sort of app are you trying to build?

But a very useful tip I must say, exactly what i was looking for. :slight_smile:

With the ability to copy the blocks across screens, can we start getting pumped to be able to copy a screen and all blocks associated with that screen?

You can copy a screen already I do it all the time but only within the same app not to another app. Just put the screen you want to copy inside a row or column, duplicate and drag into the screen you want in the left screens menu

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Hey @Lin @actech @shaafi @AcrobatEpee @Teramon.com @CBVG @vossempire @wexspaceb6vzbn @Garry_Lane

Copying screens and blocks is now available!



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Glad you like it @Lin , looking forward to hearing more about how you use this!

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