[Solved] Cartoon pictures

This might not be directly thunkable related. But kids are creating a quiz app for a competition. They will have some fun pictures that they are drawing for each question. How can they converted to the computer/cartoon version?



Take a picture with your phone


I’m not sure what you mean by “cartoon” version but if you just want it uploaded to a computer… What do the drawings look like? Are they black sharpie on white paper? Pencil on white paper? Colored markers on white paper?

Depending on the answer, there might be different approaches but I would tend to take a photo with a phone.

If the background is a solid color, you can upload it to https://www.remove.bg to automatically removed the background.

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Thank you!! We were thinking the taking picture with phone too… but I was thinking if we could make some kind of illustration but I guess we will just take pictures.

Can you post an image that shows what the before (drawing) and after (cartoon) might look like?

I dont have that… We will just take pictures… thank you!

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