[Solved] Cannot save sign in code

I am new to this and just started creating a sign in page with code but no idea how to save and the code is also not working when I login on my phone and test it. I followed an online tutorial to create this page. Attached is my code snippet please tell me what is wrong. I feel stuck at the first screen now not knowing how to save work (don’t see a save button) and also something must be wrong with my code since the user sign in is not working al though I created a firebase account etc. Thanks much

Hey @harivaneshaz723h Thanks for posting your question to the community and welcome :wave:

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  2. There is no ‘save’ button. Your work automatically saves after every change.

  3. After creating your FB account, did you add the KEY and URL to your thinkable app?

Thanks for responding. Then why is the attached message showing up? Yes we did add the database URL and Key from firebase into thinkable that’s why confused on what is wrong either in code or something else.

I tried clicking the ‘OK’ button my above error message but now when I go ‘Blocks’ all the code is gone and this is the second time this has happened with me loosing everything that I coded :frowning: Please help.

ahh. if that happens, click cancel.

what browser are you using? looks to be internet explorer? I suggest Chrome or Firefox while building thunkable apps.

also, here is a copy of my sign-in code


Thank you I am a middle school student so still learning the ropes since am trying to build an app for a project :slight_smile: Wow so my project shows in IE and I am using the same gmail now when I login from chrome with same gmail id the project doesn’t even show up :frowning: Any idea?

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That sounds strange. can you verify that you are in fact using the same email to login using both browsers. I can log in on my phone, wifes computer, my laptop and work laptops and see the same projects page. I have 3 accounts though, 1 Pro and the other 2 free. I use my school ID for my pro account. But sometimes, Chrome logs me in using my regular Gmail account and i cant see my projects, not because they have disappeared but because I am logged into the wrong account

Thanks it never did but luckily we could re create the entire thing again on Chrome and so excited that the sign in page now works :slight_smile: On to building out rest of our project and if more questions will be posting along the way. Thank you so much


Great work! I’m glad you got it going! Keep on Thunking and coming back for support! If you think you can answer someone else’s questions, feel free to speak up! :open_hands: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

It may be help if you do cashe and data detail saving tab enable in your browser setting.

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If it is working now, can you mark a solution? If so, Could I modify the title to say ‘solved’?