[Solved] Cancel editing permissions for anyone but the owner of the text

How do i do this, can i please have help. Here is a link to my app: https://x.thunkable.com/copy/558b8bbc988b9824deb3cfce3c27e0bc
Ignore welsh, there is English underneath.

Hey @will_r.06

Thanks for the sharing link - but there are 8 screens in your project. Can you indicate where the user-editable text is please?

Sorry, the list screen.

Please can someone reply quickly because i have less than 5 days left to complete the app. :grin:

If I were you I’d start by telling them it will take you longer than 5 days. Plus it’s at least 7 days to submit to the Play Store (probably longer for the App Store) - unless it’s a private/ managed store.

But to have a look at your problem, I’d use Cloud Variables (create a Firebase DB), to store the owner of the input text using a unique device code. I like to use the OneSignal device ID as it’s per device. But If users are editing data on multiple devices, assign it to their username.

Then use true/false to define if fields are editable.

As you’re in the UK, most users have plenty of data allowance and signal (unless you’re up Snowdon!), so using cloud shouldn’t be a problem as it would only be tiny amounts of data. I can see you’re using a local DB, if you use a cloud DB instead - in Variables use “set Cloud” or “change Cloud” - it will create a central DB to which you can assign editing permissions as an added value per field.

A different way to do this would be to use WordPress as a backend, with custom fields and custom post types, then the user will be able to edit that data via the API, you can set WP permissions so the user role can only edit their posts (or they can’t edit posts created by others to be more specific).

Hope that helps, I’m available to hire if you need work done (though not within 5 days!).


Thanks for your help! Ill give it a try!

@will_r.06 we set up a new account for training last year and the first app submitted took almost 2 weeks to be reviewed and approved - and that was without any amendments or changes being needed.

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Do you mean i should set the row id variable to cloud?

What I want is that when someone clicks on an item if they put the item details in they can edit it but if they do not own the item it will take them to the contact the seller screen. I have changed it a bit since so this I the current app below.
https://x.thunkable.com/copy/f3c3afb56bd93b799852a7ee50285b32 Thanks so much for your help, Will

Feel free to test it out via live test and use the log in feature.

Wow, that bright pink screen hurts my eyes! :sweat_smile:

Maybe I should change that