[Solved] Can not publish to iOS, problem with NSUserTrackingUsageDescription which is not used

yes i updated,
I’m using web views in the app

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can you help me

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I don’t know if this topic is the right place to ask, but I don’t want to spam in a new topic!
The application has no components for banner ads, etc. but there is a web viewer. When publishing, the last step requires me to fill in a Tracking Usage Description. I don’t think I have a component that does such tracking. Do I have to fill in something and what?

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'm having the same problem, now I removed the description in that field, and sent the app again, I’m waiting for apple to verify.

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This should be kept empty if you don’t have a WebViewer or AdMob. If any text is left in there, apple will look for the component and if not found will raise issue. Similarly, if you leave this blank but include the components, you’ll get dinged for an issue.

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Here we go again… :smiley:

Could you please help me out here? I got rejected due to the tracking issue.

So my app uses web viewer & push notifications, which is why I declared these in the User Tracking Usage Description. I wrote in the field:

This app accesses *** website. Your data may be shared with this website to facilitate functionality. The app also delivers push notifications and tracks user activity as an analytic tool to facilitate this service.

So my website is omitted here, but that’s basically what I wrote. I tried to apply the instructions from this post: iOS publishing & NSUserTrackingUsageDescription Issues

When I tried to submit the app for a review, I first got an instant rejection because I hadn’t declared any tracking in my app’s privacy statement on the App Store. So I went to edit this statement and declared there that I’m tracking user devices. Don’t know if this was enough of a declaration but anyhow it let me to submit the app for a review.

And then… I got rejected. The message was:

Guideline 2.1 - Information Needed

We’re looking forward to completing our review, but we need more information to continue. Your app uses the AppTrackingTransparency framework, but we are unable to locate the App Tracking Transparency permission request when reviewed on iOS 15.3.

Next Steps

Please explain where we can find the App Tracking Transparency permission request in your app. The request should appear before any data is collected that could be used to track the user.

If you’ve implemented App Tracking Transparency but the permission request is not appearing on devices running the latest OS, please review the available documentation and confirm App Tracking Transparency has been correctly implemented.

If your app does not track users, update your app privacy information in App Store Connect to undeclare tracking. You must have the Account Holder or Admin role to update app privacy information.


So, I’d now need to resolve this. The sooner the better as my app is basically a mess currently and iOS users are wondering what’s going on. So, how could I have this permission request on my app? Or alternatively, can I still revert back to the old model of not declaring anything for this field, despite having the web viewer & push notifications?

Could I please ask for the team’s kind help once again? @jared @wei

Thank you!


We pushed some changes to our iOS build servers. I hope it will address most, if not all, of Apple’s new requirements. Here is the instruction you can follow -

  • Please make sure the user tracking description string is not empty (check the filed in the project property panel)
  • Try to build the app again (not publish)
  • You should be able to see the pop-up immediately when you open the screen with the web viewer component
  • Once everything looks good to you, please submit to Apple review again.

You can see a sample pop-up screenshot below -


I’m having the same issue, could you explain what you mean by “Try to build the app again (not publish)”. Changing the version number didn’t result in the popup, I’m not sure what a “build” is.

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Download your app :slight_smile:

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Got it, thanks. :call_me_hand:

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Hi there, thanks for your quick response to the issue.

I now populated the tracking field on Thunkable and downloaded the app for iOS and tried it out. When I start the app, the app asks the user for a permission to send push notifications (this happens immediately), but I get no other tracking prompt – when I access the web viewer the app doesn’t ask me anything. I tried this in either way, by answering yes/no to the initial prompt about push notifications, but still I don’t get the prompt when I enter the web viewer. I’m running the latest 15.3. What to do now…

Edit. If it’s of any help, the initial prompt that asks the user for a permission to send push notifications is an Apple standard prompt for this, not the one I drafted.

Edit 2. I also built a test app, which only contained the web viewer displaying a web page, and populated the tracking field. Then I downloaded the app and tried it out with iPhone, but didn’t get any prompt. So, it seems that opening the web viewer doesn’t cause the prompt to be displayed. Don’t know if this is a good thing at this point or not. It’s not so long since the release of 15.3, so I was wondering if Apple has changed something that affects this behavior since 15.2…

Edit 3. Right… So I just received a message from Apple that my app was approved – without any tracking declaration on the Thunkable side nor on the App Store side (Privacy Policy). You might wonder why this happened, but the reason is that I submitted the app yesterday after the last rejection, just with a blank tracking field / removed any tracking declaration from the App Store Privacy Policy, and left the app there in the review while we were discussing all this. Interestingly, when I downloaded the updated app from the App Store and opened it, the app asked my permission to send push notifications – the exact same behavior I got when I downloaded the app this morning after yesterday’s changes to Thunkable iOS build servers.

So my guess is this: Maybe with 15.3 Apple is not that strict about web viewer anymore, after all, and they allow publishing apps with web viewer without any tracking declaration. And, as to push notifications, they don’t require any particular tracking prompt for this either, they just automatically prompt the user for the push notifications when the app opens if they detect that the app contains push notifications. Just an educated guess here.


Unfortunately, it appear I still have this issue as everyone else.

My app is straightforward w/ no tracking at all. It just goes to different pages/screens in the project and it has buttons to launch a website.

My “Tracking Usage Description” is blank and my intention is to not track any data. However, I still get the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription message before posting.

I read through everyone’s comments in this thread and performed a thorough search.
Is there anyway to manually remove the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription from the build? I used the publish iOS feature so I assume I can’t use that.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated!

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Did you use the web viewer component?

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I only use the “Open Link” block so it opens Safari when the person taps a button.

After researching/troubleshooting:

  • I did notice there was an “In-App Purchase” subsection in the Advanced section in the Blocks view. I was just playing around w/ the components trying to learn but I inadvertently I left it in there. I deleted it and I shall try to publish again.
  • I did have a Bluetooth subsection in there days ago but deleted it as I decided to go to a different approach. This was done prior to pubishing. Perhaps this caused the project to contain an empty object where apple’s automated review process sees it and thinks “empty or not…its there”.
  • In an attempt to resolve this, I set Apple’s App Privacy to “Yes, we collect data”. As with another person in the community, I can no longer change it back to specify I do not.

Overall, I shall try another build now to see if removing the “In-App Purchase” section in the tree fixes it.

*Fingers crossed, big time!

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I created a new app in the app store connect to rule out any odd issues and I published the build to the new app.

Unfortunately, I still get the NSUserTrackingUsageDescription message from apple.

Any assistance shall be greatly appreciated as we are on a time crunch.

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Similarly, I followed the instructions and confirmed that the popup occurred on the first instance when going to the webviewer but still get the same rejection from Apple. Why is Apple so difficult to work with and why do they provide such obscure and unhelpful feedback?


I’m encountering this error now but this thread is really long.

I already removed the value Tracking Usage Description. I also don’t use any WebViewer of AdMob.

What was the final solution? Any ideas?


Can you send me your project link (copy from the browser address bar)? my email is wei@thunkable.com


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I just deployed internal trackings, so we can better track the issues.

Can you try to publish to Apple again? Once you have done that, please let me know. I can check first before you send it to Apple for review.