[Solved] Can I get more downloads this month if my limit has ran out?

Last Question I promise. Is there a way to get a hold of the Thunkable team. I know that you can only download an apple ios app to your phone 2 times a month. I didn’t know about the live testing so I downloaded an early version to test on my phone to test it. I finished my app and downloaded it to my phone but then found a glitch. I fixed the glitch and would like to get the updated version on my phone. I was wondering if I could contact someone in the Thunkable Team to get a free pass this one time or do I have to wait until May?

You can contact them if you want but it would be unethical to for them to allow you an extra download when no one else is allowed it.

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@Dean_Artis is mostly right. While we (most of the time) do not reset downloads there are edge cases where we will. Resetting downloads is at our discretion in all reality BUT we want to keep it fair for users.

One example: if you tried to download your apps and only got build errors, I’d reset it once, let you try again, and then try to help troubleshoot the build if errors continued.

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I hadn’t thought of this - these sorts of situations are okay for a reset.

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Thank you for approval. :wink:

It’s infrequent, but we don’t want to ding users for not even being able to test their apps.

Thank you for chiming in here!!

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