[ #Solved ]Buttons pop from the background with unexplained shadows. How do i solve it? #Buttons

Hello, I was working on this fun little project and have run into a little problem.
When I live test my app, some images, and buttons pop from the background, as separate objects. Even though i set the shadow and border colors to transparent. Here’s what I mean:

I also made another screen on which I had some logos and text in the background image. I wanted to make the buttons so I overlapped them with buttons that I made transparent so the icon below seems as if it’s the button and I made its borders and shadow transparent. It’s perfect in the web preview but when I live test, this problem occurs.

Hope anyone replies soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please share a link to the project so that someone can look into it and see what could have gone wrong.

I don’t know why it was happening but I think it was some sort of a temporary bug or maybe the live test app didn’t load the buttons properly but it’s working now.

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