Shadow problem on Android Live Test

I have problems with shadows on live test on Android Ver 7.0 . The shadows are set transparent and on iphone and web prewiev they don’t show, while they show on android live test.
I have to pay to download the apk, do you think then the shadows will really be there on android?
I did some counter-testing and set colored shadows, but the visual result is still the same. Android gray shadows, ios no shadows and live web (google chrome) no shadows.

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I installed the apk but the problem remains, and when the keyboard appears it loses all alignment and becomes all a blur

@ferrarofcfei even I was facing this problem, just make the shadow transparent from the shadow properties present in all of the components
it’s here-

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thank you, I tried your advice and made the following tests:
transparent shadows
white shadows
red shadows
Nothing changes, I always see the same thing, I don’t even see the red color.

did you do for all the components labels, buttons…?

I tried on one screen on all components. Maybe Android 7 is not supported

Please set them to be transparent with an alpha value of 0 like shown here

Probably the ideal is RGBA(0,0,0,0) not just rgb(0,0,0)

I’m sorry, I checked and it doesn’t work

What kind of device are you testing on?

Samsung Galaxy A5

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