[Solved] Build a Dictionary

I need to build a dictionary. I need a nice explain, step by step, because I speak spanish. I know some things basics. Thank you!

Unless you’re willing to pay someone to help you with this, you will need to ask a specific question and wait for someone on the forums to help. There aren’t tutorials already made for every possible app.

It will help to explain more details about your app. I know what a dictionary is of course but how will your app use it? Does it have thousands of words and definitions? Does it allow the user to add words? Are there other features? Does it do translations?

Its a dictionary with a lot of words. I just want people click in the word and read the meaning, without creating a screen for each word. I plan to do it with an Excel sheet

It’s not hard to do this. Watch a few tutorials about Data Viewer Lists and you’ll be able to set up that component and connect it to your data source. Each row of your data source will have a word and a definition, each in its own column.

You should use a cloud-based database such as Google Sheets or Airtable.

I know you said you speak Spanish so I’m not sure how helpful those tutorials will be but there are a few people on the forums who speak Spanish (I do not unfortunately).

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Just use data viewer list. And create table with words and meanings.
next create one screen for display meaning for clicked word before .

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ABA Spanish - English Glossary

This is an app I made sometime back to function as a technical glossary when I was in graduate school. It uses both English and Spanish. It allows you to search for behavior analytic terms in the glossary by starting letter.

Fun Share: Study & Quiz App - Starter kit

^^^ and hear your phone three examples of study apps. The first example is a Spanish English study app so that may also come in handy for you.


Thanks for your support my friend! Now I have a little clearer what to do.

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Thanks my friend, with this image is easier too understand. Later I see you what I do!

Thanks my friend. ABA is an excellent project to guide me, because i want to do something similar.

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