Jargon Buster app

I’m keen to write what I think should be a simple app. I would like it to use a Google sheet with two columns, one containing terms and the other definitions to create a jargon buster. It would operate as a simple search the term and return the definition function. I’m really struggling to get started and would appreciate some help.

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i think it would be better to use airtable (if your data keeps changing) or local database (for fixed data) rather than Google sheets as there isnt any direct function to get data. with airtable you can have a for loop to go on across each row for searching…

INDEED, a better option and the best according to me is firebase, its a lot faster than the other 2 i mentioned above, if you use firebase, you’ll have some inbuilt options in thunkable to get the corresponding value (definition) of your key(word)

Yes you can do this easily. Just place a DVL (Data Viewer List) that is connected to your data sheet and have the DVL shows the term column only and when the user clicks in any term then show the corresponding definition column.

I would recommend you check out this app that I made a while ago. I made this because in my field we use a lot of jargon and people don’t always know what it means. Those people include the staff that I work with that I want to use the jargon with. So I made this app for them check it out


I could also at some point over the week try to share another app that I created that is a Native jargon glossary. Native just meaning that the entire database of words is stored on the phone instead of some online database that could be updated.