[Solved] Blynk server connectivity to thunkable app

How to connect the thunkable app to the blynk server using webapi? Is it possible?Are there any work arounds to achieve this?

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Hi @mhatreuduyu, welcome to Thunkable! :tada:

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We need some more information to be able to help you. Have you tried setting this API call up yet? Blynk does have documentation for its API:

I don’t know about this platform but the URL for accessing Multiple Datastream Values is:

So you would need to have the server address, token, and PINs. Are those things you have access to?

If so, you should be able to set the URL using our Web API component

Let us know what you have tried so far, the response you are getting, and we can help out from there! :raised_hands:

Hey Matt,
Thanks. Its done now able to communicate from my thunkable app from thin client, but after downloading the apk get a “network request failed” error from android mobile at the same time, live test also fails with network error.

What could be the issue while connecting from android mobile app? How to debug?


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