[SOLVED] Backendless API invocation in Thunkable not working for me

Does anyone here have any experience with creating API in Backendless? I’m testing a simple API to simply increment a property’s value by 1 when it is invoked. Doing this there instead of sending an actual number from within the app. Maybe I’m asking for a little too much?

It works when I test it by invoking on Backendless. These are the request headers:

I’m using the URL found in this screen:

It seems to go through however something is not right and I’m getting this error which does not make sense since it does exist (and it works in Backendless that required objectId parameter):

These are the blocks I’m testing with in Thunkable:

Don’t think you’ll need to see the API itself but here is what it looks like just in case:

Please let me know what else you might need to help me figure this out. With peace.

Ok, I actually just figured it out. Trial and error and not giving up. There are the correct blocks that work (Put the value of the parameter into the body as a string, in this case, the objectId itself is the parameter):

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