[Solved] App-specific password is invalid

We are getting an error submitting to Apple, we are getting the error:

“Your Apple ID username/app-specific password is invalid.”

We have two factor authentication turned on.

We are sure our App specific password is correct.

So close, please help.

You can always create a new app-specific password, but the one you enter in Thunkable has to match the one you create on your Apple account @edgoscpl


Thanks, we will give that a try. I assume since we use this app specific ID, we do not get a text and have to enter a 2FA text.

Here we go.

The documentation states:

<<Two-factor authentication. You must turn off two-factor authentication for your Apple Developer ID to publish with Thunkable. Please click here to see our recommendations for turning off two-factor authentication>>

I assume this is no longer true.

Yep, that shouldn’t be there anymore - I’ll edit it today.

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Just found the line you were referring to in the Troubleshooting section. Have updated the docs to remove it, but the same page does also state:

Since Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is now the default for Apple accounts, it is assumed that you have this enabled,


Two-factor authentication helps to keep your account secure and Apple has made it mandatory for new developers to turn two-factor authentication on. If you do have 2FA turned on, you’ll need to complete the following steps to confirm your identity with Apple.

Yes, hence to confusion. Just trying to help improve the documentation.

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Just got the same. My app password stopped working so I issued a new one and all worked fine.