[Solved] AdMob shows Testmode in App

Hi there,

After I downloaded my App with AdMob I was able to update it. It is now on Play Store but when I opened it, still shows Test Ad Banner not the real Banner. I have already Account on Google Admob and I have set the Testmode on fals before I downloaded APK.

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Have you configured the component using your own Unit ID?


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It was the Problem with Unit ID. I created my own Unit ID and put it in App, but now I can only see the Ad when I test it, but in realy App the Place where Ad should be is empty.

It is OK now.


How can you solved the problem with Admob.
I can only see the Admob in test mode and live test. It is not appear in the Play store.
I already input Unit ID.
How can I solve this problem.:sob:

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