[Solved] Admob not showing ads

I have read the Docs. Carefully. but did not find useful.
My app is not showing admob ads. however, the ad banner takes the space but nothing else.
Help me through this.

Have you connected your payment details to your AdMob account?

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Not Yet
Is it necessary to do it now to show ads

Of course - otherwise how will Google know where to pay you your money?

It’s a bit like saying:

“Hey, do you want me to provide some services to your business”

“Sure, that sounds great. How will we pay you?”

“I’ll tell you later”

That would be a strange sort of working relationship, right?


Yes, it will be strange.
In the time you replied me i have done this setup.
But it is still not showing ads

Can you send me a link to where your app is published on the Play store or App Store please?

I have sent my app for a update. After that i will share it with you :blush:

My ads started working properly, however they appears lately. But that is fine.

Here is the link -: