[SOLVED 2/13/24 2:30 PM EDT] Connect Thunkable with Clarifai API

Hi All, we are trying to connect Thunkable with Clarifai API to use general-image-recognition model. Please help us to define a proper JSON input.

Currently we get following error: Malformed or invalid request

We used below web api configuration:

Bloks we are using look as follow:

Any thoughts on this?

Without knowing more about the API, my guess is that you need a list of objects rather than a list of nested objects.

Can you provide a link to the API documentation?

What is the value of app variable name? You can display it in a text input and then copy and paste it into a post here. You may want to hide the authentication values in it.

If you use that value in a third-party client such as Postman, are you able to get a successful response from the API?

If not, how have you accessed the API outside of Thunkable? That’s a useful first step before trying to build the blocks to make it work in Thunkable.

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This is the value of app variable name: {"inputs":[{"data":{"image":{"url":"https://imgur.com/a/sAlAVz2"}}}]}

This is the API documentation: Clarifai API Basics | Clarifai Guide

We will test other third party client to connect with our APIs. We didn’t do it so far.

This is the JSON structure:

Does that look like what is expected in the documentation?

Thank you! Postman was very helpful.

This is the correct JSON form:

“inputs”: [
“data”: {
“image”: {
“url”: “https://res.cloudinary.com/[....].jpg

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