Solution for anyone needing an Android terminal with built-in printer

Quite a while ago I asked about any suggestions for a hardware solution of an Android terminal with a built-in printer as I had some ideas for apps which need to be able to print but I did not want to use a standalone printer.

I searched the usual places (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) but could not find anything suitable at a reasonable price. Searches on Alibaba, though, reaped success. After some back and forth and the manufacturer upgrading the firmware to enable BLE connectivity between the terminal and the printer, I have managed to get a device - the Kingtop V510 to work.

It is capable of scanning bar and QR codes and has NFC capability.

The purchase process was simple and subsequent interaction with the company surrounding the firmware issues extremely quick and responsive.

It costed US $90 and the FedEx shipping to the Caribbean was just US $32!

So far the unit has worked as expected with the exception of the print quality. Am not too sure if it the paper that I am using or the device itself but I will do some further testing.

Please note that I am in no way affiliated with this company but just wanted to share the information as I suspect that there are other in the community that are seeking similar devices and this appears to be a good start for testing BLE printing and MVPs.


Good catch, Steve! Thanks for sharing!