Print from Thunkable to receipt printer


Is it possible to print to a receipt printer from an app?

Students will select their name and a book that they require from the library. They will then get a printout from a receipt printer which they can take to the library to collect the book.

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The title should read “Print from Thunkable to receipt printer”.

how would you plan to make. a connection?


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Can anyone please help with this??!

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Coming back to this to see if anyone has any input.

Has anyone developed an Android app that prints via BLE to a receipt printer? If so, can you share the make and model of the printer?

I have been searching high and low to find a suitable printer and am not getting very far; some printers I see say that they support BLE via IOS (make no mention of Android), some say Android but don’t mention BLE.

I tried a Printek FP-541 but was made to understand that it uses legacy Bluetooth and not BLE so will not work in this environment.

As anyone at @thunkable done texting on BLE printers? I have 3 apps that require a printer and this is where I am stuck.


Hi @steve_synopsis–thanks for flagging this.

The success of this would likely hinge on two things. The first is what you have already found–you need a printer that would connect to a device via BLE. If you can find the correct device, an app made with Thunkable could connect.

The second, and larger issue I think, is transmitting the data to that printer. Currently, apps made with Thunkable can only read and write data. We can transmit data via string, byte array or hexidecimal. Same for receiving data. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to support transmission via notifcation. So the printer would also have to be able to accept the data via read or write and one of those three data types.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the response. I believe that if we can get some idea of a few printers that will connect via BLE, then that is half the job. I believe that getting the printer to output what we want is something that we can figure out especially if the printer supports basic protocols like ESC/POS.


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