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Hi Thunkers,

Anyone can help me in figuring out how to personalize, in OneSignal, the small icon for my thunkable app?

Do we need to upload the icons (different sizes) in a zip folder and the upload it to our projects? I read all the OneSignal documentation but I didn’t get how to sort this out.

Please help me!


I couldn’t figure that out either. Hopefully someone can help us both.

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Hi there,

I am still trying to figure out how to include the small icon for my app in one signal. In the “Classic documentation” I found that we may need to include “ya” in the small icon’s field, but it doesn’t work. Please see this link:

Is anyone willing to help us figure this out?
Thank you!

Hi @drted, any news on the OneSignal’s app icon for Android? Did you manage to figure it out?

Nope, but I have experimented any further either

maybe use this is site

The discussion is about embedding the app icon in the notification message. It has nothing to do with designing icons.

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