Slow internet crashes app with realtimeDB

If I have a poor internet connection when trying to get data from realtimeDB it will time out and crash my app.

Is there a way around this, or something I am missing?

The realtimeDB only works with text, right @ryan_hall_apps?

Do you mean slow internet or no internet?

You can use this device block to check the online/offline status of your device. If there’s no internet connection you can prompt the user to connect and try again.

Hope that helps

I mean slow internet.

I have been using the realtimeDB get block a lot, but I have not been nesting block in them. If I do this, sometimes with poor internet it will crash and freeze my app.

I have been rearranging all blocks after realtimeDB get procedure to be nested inside the realtimeDB get blocks. I’m hoping in doing this that the get procedure will finish completely then run the next block of codes.

Are you connecting to your own Firebase instance?

Can you increase the time-out?

I am connecting to my own Firebase.

I have not been using a time-out function. I have put in wait functions after each get procedure in thunkable.

If nesting the blocks doesn’t work I will create a time out function.