Can't access firebase realtime DB on mobile but works with laptop

Hi community !
For some reason, when I use my webapp on a mobile, I can’t access data from my Firebase realtime DB. However, it works when I use a laptop.
Any idea what it could be?
I have several leads but can’t find out. Can it be due to the nature of my internet provider? To the response time of my mobile, if my internet connection is not very good? Any other idea

Any idea or hint would be of great help. Thanks a lot!

Some precision in case it helps:
The sign-in on firebase do work. But not the data retrieve.
Same problem when using my friends’ mobiles (iphone)
the issue appeared a few days/weeks ago


What happens when you run it as a webapp on a computer?

it works fine when runned on my laptop. I can access the data of the realtime db

FYI, I found the cause of the issue.
In my first screen, I have a first function block (that goes and retrieves a data from the realtime DB), followed by a navigation block (to go to another screen).
For some reason, when I run it on a computer it works fine, but when I run it on mobile, it looks like the navigation block is runned before the function block is finished. And activate some kind of error mode that doesn’t allow to use the realtime DB anymore.

I introduced a “wait 0.1s” block between the two blocks, to make sure the sequence order is respected. Now it works.

(PS: Still don’t know why it worked on a computer and not on mobile.)

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Hi @vincent.pappollakvt

I’ve ran into similar issues in the past. It may have something to do with the device connection speed vs execution time between blocks.

Do the following things
Turn on mobile data instead of Wi-fi
Open firebase on your browser

and then live test it on the Thunkable Live App (not downloaded one)

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