Slider Bounces/Jumps While Sliding It

I have a slider with a Minimum Value set to 0, Maximum set to 10, and the Step set to 1. When testing it in a browser on my desktop, it works as expected (snapping to each number/position as you drag it), but when I test it on my phone, it bounces back and forth as I drag it across the screen.

Is there a way to make it behave like it does in the browser?

Is this not happening to anyone else?

It’s not happening to me on an iPhone 11 or Moto X4. What device(s) are you using?

Can you share a link to the project or at least screenshots of your slider blocks?

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I’m using an iPhone XR.

No blocks are involved. I can drop a slider on a blank screen, test it on the Thunkable iPhone app, and the circle from the slider will bounce left/right as I drag it.

Is this happening on the latest version of Thunkable Live @andetomrkzp ?

I have had the same problem! iPhone SE second gen, and iPad pro from 2018. It was really annoying, so I found a way to not need the slider altogether. I’ve been meaning to ask some friends if they have the same problem, and this reminds me to ask them!
I’d add a video of what I see but I’m not sure how to do that.
Update: Works fine for friend on iPhone 6

Hi there,

I can see this behavior on an iPhone XR. I see it with snap-to-position projects as well as drag-and-drop projects. I see the behavior when I Live Test an app and when I download and install an app. I have created an internal report and will ask the team to work on it.

I did notice two things that lessen this behavior: It is not so apparent on a shorter Slider, and it is not so apparent if you move the Slider quickly.

Thanks for reporting!

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I just tried it again, and it’s still happening @domhnallohanlon

Thanks for looking into this @jane !

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Just to report I am having the same issue on my iphone 11 pro. I have sliders of varying lengths / intervals and the movement is very choppy for each of them. Thanks for investigating!