When sliding thumb back and forth, values continue to add

Heres a block for a slider. The values on the slider are 1, 2, and 3. “1” does nothing to the variable score, “2” increases it by 75, and “3” increases it by 300. Problem is that if a user slides to 3, then back to 2 (if mind changes or mistake made), this block adds both scores together and returns a variable score of 375. Changing “on Value Change” to “on sliding complete” doesn’t work and doesn’t return the value.

Post a screenshot of the blocks you used with the “on sliding complete” event. And make sure you are testing on a mobile device using Thunkable Live, not in a web browser.

Here is the block as requested. It shows that I have a project on Live, but it only shows the “contact” screen. No other screens, so can’t test.

That should work but you’ll need to test it on a mobile device. The documentation for sliders says it isn’t supported on web view.

I’ve tried your app on an iPhone and iPad and cannot see the live view.

I don’t understand. You tried my app? And what do you mean you can’t see the live view? Is it blank? Is there an error?

No error. I downloaded the Thunkable app, entered the code generated to go live on my mobile device, and all I see is the “contact” screen of my app. I cannot navigate to any other pages.

You can only access the “contact” screen because that’s the only thing you’ve put into the navigator.


But you can test this in a variety of ways including removing the navigator or building a separate project for this slider component.

You can even just drag the “Fatigue2” screen above the navigator to test it without the navigator interfering:


I’m pretty sure, though, that you are not going to want to use the “on Sliding Complete” event block for this app. Imagine that I am filling out the survey and I pick 1, then I pick 2, then I pick 1 and finally I settle on 3. The Fatigure score is going to be a sum of all of those choices. Instead, you can have a submit/OK button and only raise the Fatigue score when that button is pressed.

Thats my problem I’ll re-design. Thanks.