Size text for my Titles and square photos in Data Viewer LIst?

Can i managed the size of text to my Titles of a Data Viewer List because sometimes the whole text of the title doesn’t appear and can i had square photos on this?
Show me the way please.
i also fit me to put wrap text in my text of title
Thank you very much

Hi there,

It’s not currently possible to change the font size of the Data Viewer.
Would you consider using one of the List Item Layouts that accommodates a longer piece of text?
If your images are square, they should appear as square in your app.

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Hellow ,

The List Item is an appropriate component but I choose the Data Viewer List because has the ability of viewing and fotos also.
can you give me some appropriate size to make square my fotos?
Thanks, I hope at sometime I have the ability to can edit the text of my title.
Thanks for answering me.