Single select entry

Hello all,

I have a basic question but I couldn’t find the answer.
I am using the new UI and I would like to have an entry that is a single select. basically a gender.

Ideally I am using airtable and I would like to retrieve the possible option configured in the airtable field ‘single select’ but first If I can create the field it would be great.
Thanks a lot for your help and time.

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If your field has two options only (male, female) then use a switch which should do what you want.

The switch will either be true or false, assume true is for one gender type and false for the other.

A switch will work if you only have two options (e.g. on/off, yes/no). Just as an aside, I’ll mention that gender is not binary even though many of us were brought up to believe that.

If you have more than two options and want a radio button, let us know and we can suggest a way to do that.

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Yes i need more than 2 options.
In fact what a I am looking for is, when I enter the text input I can see the list of possible values and I select the one I want.
Mostly it is the same as airtable or notion, coda,… with a “single select”.

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@tatiang re your comment on Gender. It is important to remember that that sex and gender are two different things and the collector needs to know which they actually want and word the question clearly to support accurate data collection.

If we want sex then a simple binary switch can be used but for Gender we would need a selection or even free entry.


Agreed! Thanks for adding that.


Let me make a contribution of the type of “single selection”