Single back press go back to previous page double back press to exit with pop up

I found a similar thread on Thunkable classic to do this here but the options and blocks in Thunkable X is different And it doesn’t make sense to apply it. Can I get some help on this? I’ve created an app for a responsive google site and need it to have the ability to press back to go to previous page and double press back to exit. The way things are now, a single back press exits the app on Android whilst we’d like to make it so that the users can go back to the previous page / section by pressing the back button, so maybe a prompt to either go back to previous page/section and exit app?
Can anybody shed a light on this ?

Hi @mkandou

There are a number of challenges when trying to do this on both Android and iOS which is why it’s not available right now.

We’re hoping to get some updates out for the Webviewer this year, and that will make the navigation easier.

In terms of double-tap-to-exit, can I ask why you need this is your app, and whether or not the lack of this functionality is blocking you from completing the rest of your app?